Emerging Female Artists: Manuela García
Emerging Female Artists

What does your work aim to say?
I consider myself as sculptress who is interested in the relationship between bodies in space, a concept related to philosophical issues linked to the human conditions, and how these relations involve an experience of inhabitation. I materialize my work through videos installations and drawing.

How does your work comment on current social and political influences?
I am very interested in seeing ourselves as elements of a common system, only understanding how we are all together part of the world so we can rebuild our communities in a more conscious way.
Two of my works explore this concept; Pendulums and Correspondence.

Pendulums is an installation where two swings are connected by the same rope. In this piece I try to make visible how the experience of each person leads to the codependency we have with the others as human beings. Establishing a relationship between different weights but also between the wills of each subject to create a balance that is not idealized. Fruits of harmony is seen when two individuals are balanced at the same time, with each of them having different physical and emotional conditions they come together creating a whole system where taking care of others works in the same way as taking care to ourselves.

Correspondence is a rope attached from one balcony to another. A rope that carries and brings things back thanks to two pulleys allowing movement of the rope. In each one of the connected rooms we can find a table with paper, a pen with the possibility to sit and look out of the window and write to someone else what you're seeing and then send it and so enter into an epistolary relationship involving the work of the body in its emission and reception process. Pull the rope, send your message, wait for someone to receive it, then wait for a response.

There are a couple of works where my political position is much clear like Fraude and the Grandsons of Pedro Páramo. These two pieces speak of authoritarian systems in Latin America.

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Emerging Female Artists: Manuela García

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